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Our goal is to make films that matter and tell stories with heart.

Our Film Productions

A mother’s first laugh since her daughter’s death comes after finding a shocking surprise in her daughter’s possessions.
A plea from the City Soul Choir, a collection of 100 voices from Vancouver, to take down walls instead of building them up, as told by deaf Artistic Sign Language artist, Landon Krentz.

Making the time for yourself isn’t easy, but 160 women mountain bikers from Kamloops do it every Thursday night. They ride together for the camaraderie, and the laughs, forming deep friendships on the trails.

Our Client Videos

Tricia Sellmer: The Unexpected

Canadian contemporary artist, Tricia Sellmer, talks about life and her creative process moving forward after the death of her husband.

Overlander Ski Club - A Day at the Stake Lake Ski Trails with the Overlander Ski Club

This video was created to offer a glimpse of the family friendly atmosphere at the Stake Lake Ski Trails.

Overlander Ski Club - Kidz on Skinny Skis

This high energy video was created to inspire kids to stay in sport

Overlander Ski Club - Cross Country Ski - Beginner Basics

This was a fun video to shoot for the Overlander Ski Club talking about beginner tips for Cross Country Skiers.

Highland Development Camp - Love the Ice You Skate On

This video was created to promote the Highland Development Camp Figure Skating Club.

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