Take Down These Walls

G | 6 min | Music Video | May 2019

A plea from the City Soul Choir, a collection of 100 voices from Vancouver, to take down walls instead of building them up, as told by deaf Artistic Sign Language artist, Landon Krentz.

The Music Video

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Take Down These Walls was written by composer, Brian Tate, while attending a choral conference in Washington, DC. All the talk he was hearing in the city was about putting up walls. This was his response. It was recorded by the City Soul Choir in Vancouver with Brian conduction. The music video was made possible by a grant from Telus Storyhive in their 2019 Music Video edition. The video was shot in January of 2019 in Kamloops with Deaf artist, Landon Krentz, performing and a hardy group of extras acting as protesters. Morley Fitzpatrick, Trista Rowbottom, and Mike Brown also played key roles. Huge thanks to the city of Kamloops for letting us use the Public Works Yard and the Kamloops Players for letting us use the Stage House Theatre for our shoot. Our amazing crew featured Josef Perszon as Director of Photography, Liam Hall on camera, CJ Boisclair as Assistant Director. Sam Theriault, Mike Brown, and Morley Fizpatrick were our production assistants while Trista Rowbottom did the makeup. John Buchanan and Gabrielle Mayhew did the photography. Stacey Kendrick did the catering. Written, directed and produced by Vesta Giles.



  • It’s been a busy season for our music video. It’s screened at both the Orlando Film Festival and the Toronto Independent Film Festival.
  • April, 2020 Take Down These Walls was nominated for a Golden Sheaf award at the Yorkton Film Festival in the Performing Arts and Entertainment Category.